Granite Wrecker Download Brochure



The Mack Granite Wrecker is a rugged and reliable truck. It features a fuel-efficient, 13-liter Mack MP8 engine that delivers plenty of horsepower (440 HP), plus great low-end torque (up to 1,660 lb.-ft.) to provide you with the muscle to conquer any challenge and the endurance to work all day long. It is built on the proven Mack Cornerstone chassis that delivers rock-solid performance as it provides a constant frame rail height and sits high off the ground for maximum ground clearance over rough terrain.

This 30-ton wrecker is built to handle some seriously heavy loads. It features a 60,000-lb. (27,360 kg) rated boom capacity that offers a low profi le. The boom can be raised and extended without repositioning the underlift. Optional dual controls let you operate the wrecker and underlift from either side, and the hydraulic system pressure gauges on the passenger side let you keep an eye on system performance.

Dual 25,000-lb. (11,340 kg) winches with 200-foot (61 m) of wire rope are independently controlled. Both winches can operate together with full power. The winches also move with the boom so you don’t have to reposition them every time you move the boom. The independently controlled dual rear jacks quickly convert to spades for recovery work and back again for lifting.

Customized options are available to meet mission requirements.