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The Mack Sherpa Carrier is a 4×4 tactical vehicle designed to provide infantry forces with the best mobility and payload in its category. It delivers outstanding on- and off-road performance to give you the confidence you need to navigate a wide variety of rugged, unforgiving terrain. The Sherpa is designed to be fully air transportable. And it is built for maximum flexibility to accommodate up-armoring with ballistic and mine kits.

The Sherpa — already fielded and serviced — is offered in several versions; both armored and unarmored variants with a regular or extended cab (allows for 4 soldier capacity). It is able to transport up to 4 tons of payload including a 10-foot shelter.

The full-time, 4×4 Sherpa is designed to give you access to remote locations. Its chassis sits high to offer more than 24 inches of under-cab ground clearance. It can cross trenches up to one-yard wide, can climb steep, 60 percent grade slopes and can stay firmly grounded driving across a 30 percent side slope. And its four-wheel disc brakes with ABS provide the footing you need to confidently stop on any terrain.



GVW: 16,975 to 21,165 lbs. (7.7 to 9.6 tonnes)
Payload: 3,970 to 8,155 lbs. (1.8 to 3.7 tonnes)
GTW: 25,795 to 29,985 lbs. (11.7 to 13.6 tonnes)


Wheelbase (short/long cab): 160 to 177 inches (4.1 to 4.5 m)
Overall length/width/height: According to wheelbase and tires
Ground clearance: 24.5 inches (.63 m)
Number of seats: 2 to 4


Type: Turbodiesel
Specifications: 4-cylinder inline, high-pressure common rail
Emissions compliance: Euro 3 to Euro 5 available
Max power: 215 HP (158 kW) @2300 rpm
Max torque: 590 lb.-ft. (800 Nm) @1200-1700 rpm


Drive: Full time 4×4
Gearbox: Allison® 2500 6-speed
Transfer box: 2-speed transfer case
Steering: Hydraulic power assisted
Tires: 13R22.5
Brakes: Four wheel disc brakes with ABS
Alternator: 100A


Max. speed: 68 mph (110 km/h)
Range at 55 mph (90 km/h): 620 to 1,000 miles (998 to 1,610 km)
Fuel tank capacity: 32 or 53 gallon optional (120 or 200 liter)
Fording (with kit): 29.25 inches (.75 m) / 58.5 inches (1.5 m)
Vertical obstacle: 15.6 inches (.4 m)
Trench: 35.1 inches (.9 m)
Slope: 60 percent
Side-slope: 30 percent
Air transportable: A400M, C-130


Cab: Unarmored, full kits available


Comfort: Right-hand drive
Air conditioning
Mobility: Central Tire Infl ation System (CTIS)
Run-flat tires
Retractable electric winch (front or rear)
Protection: Add-on armor (ballistic and mine kits)
Lighting protection and cable breaker
Systems: 5.56/7.62/12.7 mm weapon systems (manned or remotely operated)
Any specific customer mission or weapon system
Alternator: 300A