Mack Defense Purchasing

If you are interested in becoming a supplier to Mack Defense, please review the information below.

If you're interested in becoming a supplier for Mack Defense, we welcome you to reach out to us to discuss our procurement processes, standards, and expectations. We prioritize partnerships that are mutually beneficial and grounded in excellence and integrity. We're eager to explore the possibility of collaborating with you and determining if your offerings align with our company's needs and values. Please contact us to start the conversation. We look forward to the opportunity of potentially working together.

Contact Information For Mack Defense Purchasing

List Of Purchasing Responsibilities By System/Component

System/Component Purchasing Point of Contact
5th Wheel Stoddart
Agreements Management Jacobson
Air Bags (suspension) Stoddart
Air intake and filtration Kurki
Air reservoirs/tanks Kurki
Alternators Kurki
APU (Aux Power Unit) Kurki
Armor Cab Door Assist Stoddart
Armor Cab incl. ballistic and mine kits Stoddart
Armor Design Stoddart
Armor Glass (Transparent Armor) Stoddart
Armor, Spall Liner Stoddart
Assembly Stoddart
Assembly and CARC Painter Stoddart
AWR - Purchasing Rep MSVS Jacobson
Axles, Front & Rear, Lift, Tag, Pusher Stoddart
Batteries Kurki
Battery cables Kurki
Battery heaters Kurki
Body builders Hafler
Brake systems Kurki
Cab (non armor) Jacobson
Cab Tilt Hydraulics Kurki
Cable breaker (Wire Cutter) Stoddart
Canadian Offsets Tuel
Cargo Bed Stoddart
Castings & Forgings Stoddart
Cold Start System Kurki
Cooling Systems Kurki
Cranes, Body Mounted (MHC, LHS, CHU) Stoddart
Cranes, Body Mounted > 30 ton (FOATC -MSVS) Stoddart
Cross Members Stoddart
CTIS Stoddart
Dash and gauges Kurki
Data Recorders Kurki
Drivelines Stoddart
EDI - SME Jacobson
Electrical harnesses Hafler
Electronic Equip. (Military) Kurki
Emblems (Branding) Stoddart
Engine adaptation (militarize) Kurki
Engine, Heater Kurki
Engine, Starters Kurki
Engines Kurki
Epicor SME Sieger
Exhaust (components/brkts) Stoddart
Fabrications Stoddart
Fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws & std Hardware, straps) Kurki
Fenders, metal Stoddart
Fire Extinguisher Kurki
Fire extinguishing/suppression system Kurki
Fittings (air, hydraulic…) Kurki
Frame Rails Stoddart
Fuel /Water Separators Kurki
Fuel Heating System Kurki
Fuel Injectors Kurki
Fuel lines Kurki
Fuel tanks (Metal, Composite, Armored, self-sealing) Kurki
Glass, standard Stoddart
GPS SME Sieger
Grab handles Stoddart
Grilles (metal) Stoddart
Grilles (plastic) Kurki
Hardware (not fasteners, Padlocks...) Kurki
HDT Dump Body (Crysteel) Stoddart
Hoods (FRP/DCPD) Jacobson
Hoods (Sheet Metal) Stoddart
Hoses and Hose Assemblies Kurki
HVAC, Systems and Components Kurki
ILS / ISS / IPS Support (Service Providers…) Kurki
Integrator (Other than Body Builders) Hafler
Interior - Floor mats Kurki
Interior - trim Kurki
Interior- Insulation Kurki
Interior, Dash and gauges Kurki
Interior, Switches Kurki
ISO containers Kurki
Kitting / Packaging Kurki
Labels (incl. IUID, stencils) Stoddart
Lifting/Tie down Stoddart
Lighting, Commercial Kurki
Lighting, Military Kurki
Logistics (Transportation) Support Jacobson
Machining Stoddart
Mirrors Kurki
MSVS Spares & Obsolescence Support Sieger
Mud Flaps (Plastic/Rubber) Kurki
NBC protection kit Kurki
Paint - Tier 3 Applicators (All Types - e-coating, CARC, powder...) Jacobson
Pintle Hook Stoddart
Prototyping (Metal) Stoddart
Prototyping (non-metallic) Kurki
PTO Kurki
Radio Racks Stoddart
Rubber (seals, gaskets, hoses, isolators…) Kurki
Seat belts Kurki
Seats, commercial Kurki
Seats, suspended for blast Stoddart
Supplier Diversity Program Reporting Jacobson
Splash Shields (Metal) Stoddart
Splash Shields (Plastic/Rubber) Kurki
Starters Kurki
Steering - column Stoddart
Steering - gear Stoddart
Steering - linkage Stoddart
Steering - wheel Kurki
Steps and Tread plate Stoddart
Storage / tool boxes Kurki
Suspension, Air Bags, leaf springs, walking beam, torque rods, shocks Stoddart
Tarp super structure (not Integrated) Stoddart
Tarps Stoddart
Tire carrier and related equip. Stoddart
Tire Chains Kurki
Tire Inflation Stoddart
Tires/run Flats Kurki
Tools (Testing/Validation) Kurki
Tools (Vehicle Kits/BII) Kurki
Torque and tie rods Stoddart
Towing (tow bars, clevis…) Stoddart
Towing Equipment & Accessories Stoddart
Trailers Stoddart
Translation Kurki
Transmissions/Gear Box/Transfer Case Stoddart
Tubing, Metal Stoddart
Wheels Kurki
Winches Stoddart
Wiper Systems Kurki