Born Ready.

Tactical, logistical, commercial, and
specialty military vehicles.

Mack Defense, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mack Trucks, Inc.

Mack Defense, LLC is responsible for the sale of Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks (to include parts) to all Federal/Ministerial level customers globally.

Mack Defense Vehicle Platforms

MSVS SMP Military-Grade: Efficient Performance Meets Military Readiness

The Mack Defense family of militarized rigid trucks and tractors is based on commercial vehicles which are adapted to the specific needs of armed forces. They can be suited for logistic missions and are able to be modified for tactical missions with improved off-road capacity and air transportability.


Mack has plenty riding on our Cornerstone chassis. Components were tested for fatigue; the rails and crossmembers were stressed and relentlessly checked for endurance.


The best All Wheel Drive truck maneuverability ever from Mack. The Cornerstone chassis design allows increased wheel cuts for improved handling around the jobsite.


The 300 mm constant frame rail height and high strength steel alloy in conjunction with a full length channel liner provide for optimal strength and payload capabilities. The frame system includes a full channel liner in each rail that runs front to rear within the Mack Defense M917A3 Heavy Dump Truck. This provides for optimal strength and payload capabilities.


New engine mounts and cab isolators reduce noise and vibration — decreasing driver fatigue and improving productivity.


Developed by Mack design engineers and harshly tested by performance engineers – superior strength and stiffness is achieve through the use of eight crossmembers located along the frame rails where loads are imposed.


Offers military users the capability of transporting supplies on logistic and tactical missions. ADDITIONAL APPLICATIONS COULD INCLUDE – RADAR, TROOP CARRIER, WRECKER, TANKER, HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORT,

Defense Grade Platforms

Scalable Armor Solutions.

Whatever the mission, we offer unique armored body systems designed to withstand the most challenging and hostile conditions.

The Mack Defense Fleet.

Geared Toward Victory.

MACK DEFENSE, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MACK TRUCKS, Inc. responsible for the sale of MACK Trucks to all Federal / Ministerial level customers globally. We specialize in tactical, logistical, commercial, and specialty vehicles. Being part of the Volvo Group means that MACK Defense is backed by one of the largest truck manufacturing groups in the world and can provide global support in over 190 markets.

Why Choose A Mack Truck?

Static Stability - Tilt Table

Mobility Testing

Speed, Stop and Start 30% Grade

16 and 20 Inch Vertical Step

Customer Support


  • Global Distribution Network
  • Kit Options Available
  • Options via DLA, GSA
  • FleetPreferred Program
  • Remanufacturing Options


  • Mack ASIST
  • Global Dealer Network
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Field Service Rep Options


  • Operator and Mechanics Training
  • Special Application Training
  • On-site at the Mack Customer Center, Allentown, PA USA
  • Virtual Options Available
Every truck is Born Ready. Providing strength and versatility to get the job done across a range of applications.

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Mack Defense provides Mack, Volvo and Volvo Construction Equipment products through GSA Auto-choice, 23V and DLA HEPP programs.